"Sell Gold" Official Music Video

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pilot episode

channel the sun has offered many creations over the years and our latest concept is a unique culmination of everything we’ve built so far. the channel the sun series is an ongoing episodic installment of music, creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. We will be bringing together creators, experts, cutting edge brands and non-profit organizations as an experiment to explore the poignant topics of our day from a multi-disciplinary approach. topics include creative process, sexuality, mothering within the patriarchy, modern fatherhood, climate change and much more.

the first episode we will be exploring the concept of birth, both physical and metaphysical. this experiment will be guided by co-creator of “the sacred journey of Motherhood,” Molly Mitchell-Hardt. We have assembled a team of filmmakers, 3d animators, sculptors, musicians, fashion designers and others to tell stories of birth and creation from many unique perspectives.

produced by channel the sun & Art city studios

cover photo by erick Madrid of Molly mitchell-Hardt